Panros Chicken

  • Area : 250 - 1000
  • Investment : Rs. 10,00,000 - Rs. 20,00,000
  • Category : Food and Beverage

Be Part of PANROS Franchise, for a Profitable and Wide Range of Assistance towards your Success in Food & Beverage Industry, “Indian & International by Brand”, Passion, Innovation, Commitment, Team Work. 

PANROS engine runs on these values and this is what makes us different. 

Our passion for serving great food has helped us in delivering the best dining experience to our guests and enabled us to scale up to great heights within few years. 

We’re committed to our Guests; and to our franchisees.

Great Tasting Food, International Menu, Touch of Indian, Spices, Standardized Recipe, fried chicken, pizza, burgers, Wraps,  Rice, Mock tails, Milk shakes, Soft Drinks, Desserts.

About Us

Some menu items will remind you of mom’s cooking, while others will surprise you. 

Our approach is based on fresh ingredients presented with a friendly, contagious energy. 

It all Started few years ago in 2012, with its s humble start of 4 Kiosk outlets with 300 sq.ft. In ANDHRA PRADESH. 

And today we have gone to PAN INDIA. Relish the rich American flavours with Indian Taste; suiting all age groups. 

Our foundation is built on fundamental thoughts of – Taste Food, The menu consists of FRIED CHICKEN, PIZZAS, Burgers, Rice, Snacks, Beverages, Desserts.

We serve a whole lot of food, all under one - roof.


Area Required :- 250 Sq. Ft. - 1000 Sq. Ft.

Total Investment :- Rs. 10 Lacs - Rs. 20 Lacs 

  • We strive to offer our guests with a package of scrumptious and exciting flavours. 
  • The greatest advantage of a franchise system is that it reduces risk of business failure. 
  • This is due to the fact that an ethical franchisor will have a tried, tested and proven business concept in the market place.
  • Therefore,  most of the wrinkles will have been ironed out and the risks to the franchisee minimized. 
  • It is a well known fact that less than 7% of franchise owners fail within the first 3 years, as compared to over 90% of new business start ups. .
  • The franchisee receives the benefit of the franchisor's advertising and promotional activities. 
  • It is usual for the franchisee to make contribution to the funds which are expended for this purpose.

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